Week In Review – 22 Nov 2020


On the week before the Thanksgiving, to some it may seem there is little to be thankful for at this time in America. Coronavirus is raging with close to a quarter of the the US infections reported in this month alone. And thanks to Mr. Trump that 70% of Republicans do not think the recent election was free & fair.  

So what’s there to celebrate (personally, I am happy that the wind has subsided)?

Be that as it may, important to remember that human endeavors have long triumphed over adversity, again and again.  Look how much progresses we have accomplished in spite of perceived differences and adversities. History has shown we have been there before.  We can prevail if we keep the faith while plowing ahead.

The pandemic will pass. Mr. Trump will become a footnote in US history.  In fact, his legacy is in his hands and remain to be seen on how he uses his power to shape it. Meanwhile, important to find joy where you’re.

Thanksgiving is a time for family. Even if we are physically distanced, our connection should not.  Moreover, we may disagree on certain subjects but there are much more things that we can agree on.  Enjoy.

Stay safe & have a nice week.

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