Radicalization Of America

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I used to think the term “radicalization” was referring to a small number of astray individuals who were influenced by extreme groups, such as the terrorists, in joining their causes.  I stand corrected. It is way more prevalent.

The radicalization of America en masse has happened already and is best exemplified by the election twenty days ago.  The election’s record turnout seemed a sign of participatory democracy at first is really motivated by something else – fear.

The Democrats fear for a Trump second term, and the Republicans fear for the Socialist agenda from the other side.  Little trust but plenty of hate. And the extreme social media are fueling the flame.  Now, this radicalization comes to a blow post-election.

70% of Republicans believe the election process was not fair.  Mr. Trump would not concede.  And the others are calling it a coup. The real problem is that even if Mr. Trump does concede, how would Mr. Biden, et al deal with a radicalized America?

What societal change happened that made the American people so radicalized?


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2 Responses to Radicalization Of America

  1. OmniRunner says:

    We’ve always had extremes. Now we have social media which is a feed-back loop that reinforces ones own beliefs no matter how crazy they are.
    We also have people who are willing to use social media to fan the flames well beyond what TV & newspapers could ever do.
    It also seems that many Americans have lost the ability to think critically.
    Hillary Clinton running a pedophilia ring out of the basement of a pizza shop? The shop didn’t even have a basement and Hillary is an old lady.
    Or a state trooper signing a death certificate on site at a car crash and listing the cause of death as COVID. Only an MD or an ME can sign a death certificate and an ME reviews the doctor’s notes before the certificate is valid.
    You can’t make this stuff up, well I guess someone can.


    • terryshen says:

      How people become so gullible is what amazes me. Like you said, Andy, people need to think about what they see/ hear and decide if it even makes any sense. Instead, they get driven by fear, radicalized, and blindly follow whatever they were told. Ronald Reagan used to say “trust but verify.” Now-a-day, it is becoming trust and don’t verify. Go figure.


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