Between Order & Chaos

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Evolution happens in concert with the environment over time. The driving force behind our evolution is illustrated by Darwin’s survival of the fittest.  And it has governed the  human progress for more than 200,000 years. 

Getting to where we are today, the evolution process vacillates between order and chaos.  Most human achievements are made based on orderly developments of commerce, science and technology.  And significant progresses have been made in a relative short period.

In this short period, the argument for chaos (or disorder) has seldom been made. After all, who needs disorder when order meant progress? Furthermore, chaos is actually embedded in the Nature.  Together with order, they serve as the two sides of the same coin.  

While we don’t ask for chaos that does not negate its occurrence. The Cornavirus pandemic plaguing us right now is a chaos.  So are other natural disasters like hurricanes, typhoons, floods, wildfires, earthquakes, etc.  When we’re least prepared, the magnitude of the chaos hits the hardest.

Therefore, chaos is inevitable part of our life.  It tests our abilities to face challenges and overcome them.  Ignoring or neglecting the chaos is detriment to the order & stability we so crave and could result in serious consequences.  In essence, embrace chaos, because our survivals depend on it.

How would you embrace chaos?

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