Knowledge & Skills

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Knowledge and skills do not go hand-in-hand necessarily.  Knowledge can be acquired relatively easy now-a-day with the help of internet.  Skills on the other hand takes time, or more precisely experience, to hone.  Preferably the relevant experience.

The famed opera tenor Luciano Pavarotti once said, “learning music by reading about it is like making love by mail.”  The acquisition of skill requires direct contact to gain the  relevant experience.  This is true in everything, not just in music.

For instance, I have two children.  Before they were born, I had little knowledge about parenting.  Zero to be exact. And through hands-on experiences over time, I learned to change diapers in all kinds of places with great efficiency.

Moreover, my unit of concerns went from being a single adult to double in a relationship, then onto multiple units as a family.  No matter how many books or online advises I read, my parenting skills began in earnest when my children were born.

A knowledgeable person is well read and smart. But a skilled person not only has to be knowledgeable but also has to have the relevant experiences.  And a good way to distinguish the two is to ask for a demonstration.

How would you compare knowledge with skills?


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