My Covid-19 Tests

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I have had two Covid-19 tests thus far. Both times the result was negative (i.e. good). Although, a negative test result does not rule out the possibility of Covid-19, it nevertheless gives me great comfort and a huge relief.

Both tests were done using the nasal swab method. The first test was in Mid-Sept for travel purpose. The second was done yesterday. Because a running friend informed me on Saturday that his Covid-19 test turned out positive. We run together every Saturday, including earlier that morning.

What made it even more dangerous was my friend is asymptomatic. To date, he has no signs of infection nor any associated symptoms. Thus easy to let down one‘s guard around him. Even though we kept physical distance, he is the first person I have come in contact that is tested positive.

So I took my test early Sunday and went immediately into self quarantine while waiting for the test result. I was preparing for the worst and ready to cancel all my plans for the week (and beyond) in case my result had gone other direction.  Luckily, I tested negative.  I will still keep an eye on any unusual symptoms for next two weeks.  But at least for now, I am relieved.

Have you known anyone who is tested positive for the Coronavirus?


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2 Responses to My Covid-19 Tests

  1. swosei12blog says:

    Thankful, I do not personally know anyone who has tasted positive for COVID-19. Hopefully, it will continue.

    Beginning October, I have been getting the nasal swab test. Since I go into the office, which is on a college campus, 2 times a week, it is highly recommended that I get tested every 7 day days.


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