Big Data & Gardening

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Yesterday in Washington the temperature was in the mid 60’s Fahrenheit and sunny.  I was out in the yard raking leaves and seeding grass.  Today, less than twelve hours, a complete turnaround – high temperature never got beyond low 40’s and a winter storm on the way.

This kind of weather fluctuation typically drives my mood south.  However, looking at the rain outside, I am actually glad for a change. Why?  I usually seed my grass in the Spring.  Invariably at the end of the season, weeds and crabgrass find their way back.

So to fight back, instead of waiting for the Spring, I am experimenting with Fall seeding.  And I am taking advantage of the weather app’s forecast. You see, the seeds I planted need water.  And when the snow storm comes they will be buried deep for the next season.

At least that’s my theory. Fingers crossed.

Have you tried Fall seeding?


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2 Responses to Big Data & Gardening

  1. OmniRunner says:

    I hardly ever seed my lawn.
    Since I was home all summer this year, I kept the grass well watered and that helped keep my grass green.
    Unfortunately the weeds thrived as well.
    Next year I am planning a spring and fall weed and feed.

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