Significant Happenings Yesterday

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Yesterday was a day of historical significance for three reasons: 1) the US Electoral College voted to declare Joe Biden as the President-elect, 2) Coronavirus death toll exceeded 300,000, and 3) Covid-19 vaccinations began across the country.

The Electoral College vote result were 306 for Joe Biden and 232 for Donald Trump. It essentially ended for Mr. Trump his stubborn denial of a free and fair election.  Finally, time to move on to other critical businesses facing the country. Such as the Covid-19.

300,000 is a staggering number.  To put it perspective, the USA Today compiled a powerful comparison.  In essence, for every minute passes one American dies from this pandemic. And the worst is yet to come as winter hits.

However, hope is on the way.  With the roll out of the Covid-19 vaccination, Dr. Fauci predicted late March or April 2021 will begin to see its impact.  But likely the end of 2021 is when 75-85%of the population are vaccinated (achieving herd immunity) and the US would have turned the Covid-19 around. 

While the pandemic is far from over, I am, with cautious optimism, doing my happy dance.

How was your day yesterday?

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