Emotional Security

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Human beings are subjected to emotional swings.  That’s what makes us human. Plus, progress in life is usually derived from overcoming obstacles, be it personal, professional, or else.  In that context, my wife is an invaluable source for my emotional security.

Not saying one of us is more stable than the other, only that between the two of us, we complement each other.  We have a chance on good days to discuss our emotional ebbs and flow or level out each other’s peaks & valleys on others.

Thinking back when I was single, that option did not exist.  Sure, I could read, meditate, or seek other modes of relief.  But it’s different to have another person intimately engaged in my inner roller-coaster whether deepest secret, worst anxiety, or darkest fear.

As we face the challenges, such as the Coronavirus pandemic, in our daily life, good to build that emotional security. And renew it on a regular basis. So we are prepared to take on whatever the life throws us or at least recover from it.

How do you build your emotional security?

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