Confession Of A Calendar Addict

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Around this time of the year, I get anxious.  Anxious about crossing from one year to the next.  But more importantly about getting that new calendar(s) to manage the transition. It’s an itch I get every year.

You see, I love calendars.  At any given time, I have multiple calendars. Not counting the ones on my mobile phone, computer, tablet, but the actual calendars in paper forms such as the ones on the wall, desk, in the pocket calendar, planner, etc.  I like them all.

Why do I need so many and how do I manage them? You may wonder.

The electronic versions are easy.  Technology makes their synchronizations a cinch. But it’s the paper ones that sooth my soul. I can flip through them, see everything temporally organized, Nothing like a big marker on the calendar to remind me what to do.

Calendars calm my nerves.  Having the days, weeks, and month laid out in front of me helps me to think about what’s to come, what needs to be done, and what I need to prepare for.  In essence, they are great visual aids to organize my life.

How many calendars do you use? Which one is your favorite?

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