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Week In review – 31 Jan 2021

The first hundred days of President Biden’s administration is being closely watched by the public and pundits alike. It is a tough transition, particularly on the heels of someone like President Trump.  Be that as it may, Mr. Biden is … Continue reading

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Trump In Exile

  Why in exile? If Mr. Trump truly believes that the election was stolen from him, his life at Mar-a-lago must be a bitter one.  He can surround himself with like-minded supporters, confidants, and loyalists. But in Mr. Trump’s mind, … Continue reading

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The Voice Inside

  Over the years, we have learned to trust the voice inside our heads. Call it instinct, judgement, experience, or whatever. The voice is usually a reliable go-to source. Except when it distracts us from what is in the present … Continue reading

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Public Shaming

  Social media have made public shaming a national pastime. Unfortunately. Because the intent of the public shaming is to penalize, and the result never constructive. In some cultures public shaming is common and have been for a long time. … Continue reading

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We Found The Enemies

  And they are among us. Domestic terrorism is not new. But the recent attack on Capital Hill maybe only tip of the iceberg according to the Department of Homeland Security. The Agency isssued a  National Terrorism Bulletin today warning domestic … Continue reading

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Electricity & Me

  Electricity is a vital subject that ranks almost as high as air and water.  Ask anybody looking to charge his or her cell phone, you will know what I mean.  As prevalent as electricity may be, it is a … Continue reading

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Reliable News?

With fake news, fact checkers, and other social media, it makes one’s head spin as to figuring out which news source reports fact, opinion, or fiction.  Ideally with enough time in reading multiple news outlets, one can make a more … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 24 Jan 2021

A big week we had in this past 7 days. Besides the Martin Luther King Jr. remembered, we had the inauguration of President Biden, the 46th president after Trump. Within a few days into the new administration, already what a … Continue reading

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Kudos To My Running Group

  It is a bitter cold day in Washington (28 degree Fahrenheit when I ran this morning).  The forecast high is 33 degree.  But worse than the freezing temperature are the wind gusts.  They are in the upper 20 miles … Continue reading

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What A Contrast!

  The Bidens have brought some “normalcy” back to Washington. Messrs. Biden and Trump have opposite leadership styles: Biden a career politician for 46 years, of which 36 were in the US Senate, whereas Trump a businessman and an outsider … Continue reading

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