A Happy New Year In Name Only

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Waking up this morning, I faced a new year like most people. Did it feel new? Not really. In fact, it felt pretty much the same. Most issues from previous days, weeks, or months remained. To wit, a ravaging Coronavirus, shuttered economy, and polarized nation.

The pain, anguishes, and fears people experienced did not go away overnight. If you were worried about paying rent or getting evicted, the cold hard reality is still looming large. What would it take to make the new year truly happy is a larger question.

Typically, people make new year resolutions now, and break them by February. In 2021, our circumstance does not provide much of a leeway. Not too many places are open if the resolution is more traveling. Exercise at home has not produced the weight lost either.

Comes with the new year, we do have, in theory, another 365 new days to act. What we can do to influence its outcome has more to do with how realistic our goals are.  And wishing each other a happy new year is well intended but more in name only.

What would you wish for a happy new year?



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