The Political Free-For-All

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16 days to the presidential inaugural, Mr. Trump is still quacking about the election outcome. Not only making noise, Mr. Trump is also whipping his own Party to his cause.

Sure, nobody likes to lose. I got that. But the lunacy goes beyond a handful of individuals.  Besides Trump, at least 140 House Republicans and 12 Senators intend to object the certification of the Electoral College count on the Capital Hill this Wednesday.

And yes they are acting out of their political interests.  Reuters/Ipsos polling shows that 39 percent of Americans believe ‘the election was rigged.’ The breakdowns are as follows: 67 percent among the Republicans, 17 percent the Democrats, and 31 percent the Independents.

Not that Mr. Trump and his supporters will be able to subvert the election outcomes. Thank goodness.  The free-for-all only showcases whom they can bully the most, and how much loyalty Mr. Trump commands.

Do you plan to watch the political circus on Wednesday (6 Jan)?

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1 Response to The Political Free-For-All

  1. OmniRunner says:

    Since I still work from home, I’ll watch as much as I can and as much as I can stand!
    I think all of these senators and congressmen should be impeached for gross stupidity. If these fools are scared of T-rump they must be pissing their pants when they think about putin and good ole kim.


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