Separation Of Powers

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All eyes are on today’s Georgia senatorial run-off, except mine.  Either way, President-elect Biden will have challenges in unifying the country.  The certification of the electoral college vote is a case in point.  A formality per the Constitution is now turning into a spectacle.

Many blame Mr. Trump or his supporters on the Capital Hill.  But if 39% of the country do not believe the November Presidential election was free and fair, the problem is much deeper than politicians.  Easy consensus is out the window in such scenario.

Personally, I prefer the separation of powers. Having the same party controlling the White House, Senate and House makes it way too easy to take the path of least resistance.  I fear public interest will ultimately be sacrificed for political convenience or partisanship.

We are facing a mounting Coronavirus crisis.  What would the government do to convince its freedom loving citizens to wear masks?  Implementing a martial law or nationwide lockdown does not seem to fit. What then will the government do, checks and balances included?

How quickly you think the next administration will be able to control the Covid-19?

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