A Sad Day In America

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Sadness washes over me as the footage of the mob storming the Capital played on my screen.  Law & order was nowhere in the temple of Democracy. Another preventable disaster that this administration has failed to mitigate.

I do not feel safe from watching the videos. What about those lawmakers, staff, or reporters that were inside of the Capital building? I can only imaging.

Yes, people have the right to redress their grievances, but PEACEFULLY.   What the mob did on the Capital Hill yesterday was clearly out of bound.  And the government failed majorly in enforcing and protecting the rights of the law abiding citizens.

The question is why weren’t the government prepared?  Certainly it’s not due to lack of resources.

The contrast between yesterday’s policing (or lack it) and the enforcement for the Black Life Matter (aka George Floyd) protest in the past summer has not gone unnoticed.  Does the color of the protesters have anything to do with it?  Why did the government react differently?

Shouldn’t we rather face the truth then hide from it?

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