Trump Concedes

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A deliverance for rest of us?  With 12 days left in the White House, Mr. Trump has demonstrated there is a red line that should not be crossed even for the president of the United States. Let’s see:

The US reported yesterday more than 4,000 Covid-19 deaths in a single day for the first time.  And Dr. Fauci has predicted a worsening trend to come due to the holiday travel & gathering.  Meanwhile, Mr. Trump has disengaged himself from this crisis altogether.

The Covid-19 relief package negotiated between the Democrats and Republicans was delayed by Mr. Trump who was not involved in the detailed discussions nor made his objections known prior to the package passed by the Congress. People suffered as a result.

Finally Mr. Trump’s conceded the day after he incited rioters to storm the Capital. This seditious act caused 5 people died, disruption to the certification of the Electoral College vote, and blowback calls for his removal from the office.

Do you think it’s time for Mr. Trump to step down?


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