Is Demanding Loyalty Appropriate?

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The short answer to the question is no. It is never appropriate to demand loyalty in the workplace, at home or elsewhere.  Why not? Because loyalty is a two way street between partners whether employer-employee, boss-subordinate, husband-wife, etc.

It is akin to dictating happiness or declaring love.  Only one-sided psychosis is satisfied and even that won’t last.  Case in point is Mr. Trump’s notorious demand of loyalty from his people.  And as proven, many have failed his test.

On Wednesday, rioters loyal to the President answered his call and stormed the US Capital.  And Trump repaid them with a pre-recorded message saying “go home, we love you.”  But in reality, it was just a one-sided love affair – fealty from his supporters.

It is all about Mr. Trump. Always has been.

How long will Mr. Trump’s “loyal” following last?

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4 Responses to Is Demanding Loyalty Appropriate?

  1. OmniRunner says:

    Hopefully not as long as hitler’s.


  2. swosei12blog says:

    Unfortunately, I do not think his loyal following will go anywhere anytime soon. The actions over the past 4/5 years, has cleared the way for the emergence of Trump 2.0 “politics”. Since his campaign started in 2014/2015, he planted the seed if he lost then the other side “cheated”. These folks will never believe that his is not the true President.


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