Progress Report On 2021

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Second week in January 2021.  Whoever thought the new year would be better than the last, they may be disappointed.  The Coronavirus is relentless and tearing through the roof.  New mutation is speeding up the infection rate while the vaccine rollout is stumbling.

The country instead of being united in fighting the pandemic is roiled by the attack on the Capital last week.  We are more polarized than ever. With one week before the inaugural, the House Democrats is voting today to impeach President Trump for the second time.

Maybe things are supposed to get worse before they get better.  Like the dawn before the sunrise. Or maybe the worst is yet to come? I don’t know.  We will muddle through it.  If there were a silver lining in all of these, I couldn’t find it.

How do you feel about the progress of 2021 thus far?


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