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Week In Review – 28 Feb 2021

It’s end of February or almost March.  As we inch closer to Spring in the northern hemisphere, not everyone in this half of the world is blasted by the brutality of winter storm.  Yes, life is unfair. But we can … Continue reading

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Quality Of Life?

Quality of life.  Three simple words conjure up different meanings to different people.  Could it be freedom from illness? Material wealth such as big house or expensive car? Or perhaps something relational or spiritual? All of the above? None of … Continue reading

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Taking Stock

As a sense of complacency washes over me,  I wondered if I am drifting like a rudderless boat in the middle of an ocean?  Which way am I headed?  Is there more to my life than what I got? Nope, … Continue reading

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Covid-19: US Update #5

  Almost a year after President Trump declared Coronavirus a national emergency, US Covid-19 death surpassed half of a million on Monday.  500,071 to be exact.  About one-fifth of the world’s fatalities by Covid-19. As astonishing as the number represents (ie. … Continue reading

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Going Inward

  When life gets busy, lesser priorities fell by the wayside.  But recently, my life has not been busy, I missed still more things. What is happening here?  Could it be the winter blues, Covid-19 stay-at-home, or some other hidden … Continue reading

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A Different Kind of Winter

The contrast between the sunny and shaded parts paints a checkerboard like pattern on the sidewalk.  Palm trees sway in soft rhythm with the tradewinds. This is how winter is like in Hawaii.  Temperatures run between 70 to 80 Fahrenheits. … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 21 Feb 2021

With the Coronavirus pandemic and other natural disasters from climate changes compounding our lives, future outlook may seem gloom.  How are we going to bounce back?  Which way we are headed?  There is no ready-made solutions, unfortunately. Simply stated, risks in life are … Continue reading

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A Case For Short Term Goal

  Prevailing wisdom on short term goal is to break one‘s long term goal into bite-size pieces either by process steps or time sequences.  It is not a bad strategy, if one has a long term goal in mind. There … Continue reading

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Where Are You Headed?

,   Easy question – where are you headed? Home, work, store or other destinations?  Surely we are always headed somewhere, right?  For certain professions (e.g. pilot, bus driver), knowing where to go and how to get there is paramount … Continue reading

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On Physical Energy

  To be active in life, physical energy is a pre-requisite. How to sustain one’s physical energy is an interest of mine. We rely on inputs of nutrients including air and water, as fuels as well as outputs of work … Continue reading

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