Super Bowl 2021 – Normalcy in Abnormal Time

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Tomorrow is Super Bowl.  I can appreciate the efforts by NFL, for that matter all the professional sports, to keep the games going, so there is a sense of normalcy in this abnormal time of the Coronavirus pandemic.  It allows fans to take their mind off the Covid-19 at least for the duration of the game.

Nevertheless, the fact remains the virus are with us including the more contagious new variants. Throwing caution into the wind now is akin to adding fuel to the fire.  Hence, the plead from health officials to physcial distancing before, during, and post the Superbowl game.

The responsiblity after all lies with the fans. Will they heed the public officials’ cautioin?  I have my doubts.  Because partying pre-, post-, and during the game are the norm.  How much pretending should the fans assume that things are normal?  Where is the balance?

Do you think the public or the government should make the call regarding public health requirement? 

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