Happy Lunar New Year

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Tomorrow is the Lunar New Year.  A calendar based on the moon phases instead of the solar like the Gregorian calendar that the West is used to.  According to the Chinese zodiac, it will be the Year of the Ox.

As foreign as it may sound, 1.5 billion people of the world (approx. one-fifth) use the lunar calendar including the Chinese, Muslim Jews, and a few other Eastern cultures.

More memorable in recent time was around the Lunar New Year of 2020 when the Coronavirus was spreading in China.  And the mass Chinese migration was
happening to celebrate its Spring festival.  Well, the rest is history.

So whether you‘re Chinese or not, feel free to celebrate the lunar new year in style.  Of course as always be safe, mask up, and keep physcial distancing.

Do you know your Chinese zodiac?





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