Until Hell Freezes Over

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That feels about now.  Really. Close to half of the Americans are affected by dreadful winter weather advisories from coast to coast.  Unseasonably cold is freezing roads, causing power outages, and in general making people‘s life miserable.

In this and similar situations, one can ask: why me, what caused it, or how can I escape this?  None of this type of questions will matter nor change one‘s predicament. The real question is how to deal with right in front of us.

Here are some options: 1) grin and bear it for a temporary (i.e. short term) adversity, 2) be better prepared for a recurring situation, and 3) dig deep inward for when the first two options don‘t apply like the Coronavirus pandemic.

Grin & Bear it – most of us have enough experience or reserve in dealing with short term challenge. It could be catching a cold, a minor accident, a flesh downpour.  Something that does not kill us makes us tougher.

Better preparation – after surviving a challenge, we are better prepared at how to handle it the next go around.  In other words, we learn.  With accumulated knowledge, we can avoid repeating the same bad experience.

Dig deep inward – this is perhaps the most true and yet least common practiced option.  Why? Because this approach requires people to confront their own biases.   Many prefer not to confront themselves if they don’t have to.

What’re your prefernces?

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