On Physical Energy

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To be active in life, physical energy is a pre-requisite. How to sustain one’s physical energy is an interest of mine. We rely on inputs of nutrients including air and water, as fuels as well as outputs of work like exercise and other meaningful engagement to keep our amazing body functioning at its optimal level.

This balancing act is key to being physically energized. Relative simple in concept, however common knowledge is not always common practice. Certain facts-of-life changes often throw people off balance. One of such changes is discipline. As we age, our body and metabolism deteriorate. Keeping a vigilance requires conscious effort.

Age-appropriate adjustments in diet and exercise are necessary to maintain the balance. We are never as young as we once were. That applies to our mobility, our surrounding, and our schedule. The younger me used to jump out of the bed, bound down the stairs. No more. Now a day, I take my time. No rush. Getting to destination is more important than speed.

I have also cut back on quantity of my food intake and opted for quality instead. This is in part feedback from my last physical checkup which indicated a slightly elevated blood sugar level. So no more “grazing,” late night sack, or emotional eating. Beer and pizza only in moderation.

Our body is amazingly efficient only if we can keep it that way.

What tips do you have for maintaining physical energy?

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