A Case For Short Term Goal

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Prevailing wisdom on short term goal is to break one‘s long term goal into bite-size pieces either by process steps or time sequences.  It is not a bad strategy, if one has a long term goal in mind.

There are times however when short term goals are viable tactics all on their own.

Like when the situation gets tough, as in hitting a steep hill during a later part of marathon.  I don‘t need some grand vision to motivate me to tackle that hill.  All I want to accomplish is keeping my legs moving and getting over the hill without quitting.

A short term goal in that case could be rewarding myself with a water break at the top of the hill.

There are other situations when short term goals can serve us well. Just make them tangible and inspiring. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither was the Great Wall, Pyramid, and all the great feats.  So why not use short term goal to your advantage.

What short term goal could you set right now?

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