Where Are You Headed?

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Easy question – where are you headed?

Home, work, store or other destinations?  Surely we are always headed somewhere, right?  For certain professions (e.g. pilot, bus driver), knowing where to go and how to get there is paramount part of the job.

Sometimes, due to circumstnaces, we feel we are not in the driver seat. Pandenmic, winter storm, and other catastrophies come to mind. In those cases, all we wanted is a break so we can catch our breath.   Perhaps make it to the weekend, the next paycheck, or whatever is about all we can do to survive.

That is understandable and quite normal. No need to panic, despair, or be depressed. While it may seem we have little control at the time, going with the flow is an acceptable answer.  Trust me.

 Letting it go till you regain your rudder.  Everything will be fine.

Are there situation that you feel you can not let go?



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