A Different Kind of Winter

The contrast between the sunny and shaded parts paints a checkerboard like pattern on the sidewalk.  Palm trees sway in soft rhythm with the tradewinds. This is how winter is like in Hawaii.  Temperatures run between 70 to 80 Fahrenheits.  The tropical island climate does not resemble rest of the country.    

The Hawaiian sun can be brutal. Without cloud cover, it can feel as if one is in a toaster, burning up on all sides.  Sun tan lotions lined the store shelves are not only popular but almost mandatory. However, in the shades of palm trees or hi-rise buildings, the cool breeze swooshes away the heat and perspirations.

This is why the locals prefer the tradewind‘s natural cooling while the visitors either hide in air conditioned spaces or out about clad in summer outifts soaking up the sun during the Hawaiian winter.  Below is a sunset I caught in Febrauary off the Magic Island, Ala Moana Park, Oahu, Hawaii.  

How can winter be so different?

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2 Responses to A Different Kind of Winter

  1. OmniRunner says:

    I love Hawaii!
    The Honolulu Marathon begins at Ala Moana Park at 5am with fireworks.
    I’ve run the marathon twice and hope to get to the Big Island someday to run a marathon there.
    Here in New England it still feels like winter.

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