Week In Review – 21 Feb 2021

With the Coronavirus pandemic and other natural disasters from climate changes compounding our lives, future outlook may seem gloom.  How are we going to bounce back?  Which way we are headed?  There is no ready-made solutions, unfortunately.

Simply stated, risks in life are often accepted or ingnored for a variety of reasons such as costs, technical, political, etc.  And their consequence could be quite significant as we have witnessed lately.  When it comes to the public affair, the elected official bears the responsibility.

However, I don‘t believe the “experts” have all the answers.  We have to decide what is best for our individual cases. Collectively, the politicians can duke it out.  To me, setting short term goals is an acceptable interim step.  May not be elegant but it allows us to climb out of the hole.

Stay safe & have a nice week.

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