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Old Man Winter Returns

  With the arrival of April tomorrow, the possibility of snow in Washington DC is over.  So I thought. Imagine my surprise reading the headline today about Old Man Winter returns. Sounds crazy? Or an April Fools’ joke? According to … Continue reading

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Letting Go Of What Does Not Serve, Part 2

Letting go is hard with things that we have grown attached to. As a kid, I always had  a hard time saying goodbye, because I did not want to let go.  Years later, I realized that not everything is equal. … Continue reading

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Covid-19 Testing & Big Data

  Why we should continue or even expand the Covid-19 testing when vaccines are now available? Good question. The short answer is that the Covid-19 testing and the vaccine are, albeit related, no substitute for each other. Yes, the vaccines … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 28 Mar 2021

With the March Madness and Covid-19 vaccination roll outs underway, one would think life in the US would soon returning to pre-pandemic.  In fact, Dr. Anthony Faucci when asked if we are turning the corner on Covid-19 replied, “We are … Continue reading

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What Are We Going To Do With Policing?

I saw a video from a police body camera on how a 5 year old kindergartner was treated for misbehaving in school.  Let me just say it was very disturbing.  Let me be clear that I am not pointing finger … Continue reading

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Value Of Things

  Value is often equated to money.  Like how much is a house? a car? etc.  But I prefer to think of value in term of time.  Yes, like day, week, month.  Allow me to elaborate. You see, money is … Continue reading

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Not All Paperless Is Good

  I am a dinosaur when it comes to paperless billing.  Yes, I still get most of my bills in paper forms via the US Mail.  Why? You ask.  I love our planet and trees as much the next person, … Continue reading

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Fitness Remiss

  It’s no secret that the past year has been a giant off-season for many runners, myself included. Without any race, it’s difficult to push oneself into fitness. The obvious question is what for? Certainly, the feeling of being fit … Continue reading

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“Vaccine Hunters”

  Today, I learned a new term, “vaccine hunters.”  The “vaccine” refers to the Cornoavirus pandemic. Currently, three vaccines have been approved for emergency use in the US: Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson.  The “hunter” needs a bit explanations. … Continue reading

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  I am drained. From top of my head to tip of my toes, a fatique washes over me.   No, I did not run a marathon. Instead, around this time each year when the seasons transition, I am rendered … Continue reading

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