Relativity Of Time

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For some reasons I keep on thinking today is Sunday (it’s actually Tuesday).  Maybe it has to do with the recent trip I took that I am still recovering from, or the blistering cold that is keeping me hibernating inside.

I suppose it’s easy to lose one’s frame of reference in a busy life or fixed environment.

The trouble is that neither of those cases apply to me:  I am retired and have been for many years.  So the common excuse of too busy working is not it.  The typical hustle and bustle from a job are things of the past.  And I can’t use them as reasons.

As for a fixed environment, I returned recently from a trip.  After being away for a while, coming home and seeing everything familiar is comforting.  Home is where everything belongs.  Being home after a long trip is actually refreshing.

Perhaps, I am losing my mind.

Could you imaging how astronauts or prisoners keep track of their date and time?


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