On Physical Reality, Part 2

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Spending time in the nature is a good way to nurture one’s soul – except when it is COLD outside.  Instead of opening to what the nature has to offer, one’s mind and body are busy to conserve energy and stay warm in a freezing cold.

28 degree (Fahrenheit) was what awaited me this morning when I arrived for my Saturday runs at the Tow Path in the C&O Canal National Park. I was eager to get going after a short warm up, because I know my body will generate heat after a couple of miles.

Did I notice the other brave runners in the near empty parking lot?  How abut the weather forecast on the car radio for an about-face warm up in the coming week?  Or signs of animals that were sharing the tow path?  Not really.  All I could think of was catching up with other runners in my group.

It is their companionship that makes me forget about the cold and transforms my run into an enjoyable quality time.

Had the temperature being thirty degrees warmer, would I have observed my surrounding and the beauty that nature offers?  You bet.  As a minimum, I would be more open and receptive to the opportunity.

What about your physical reality?

Part 1, here.

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