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I am drained. From top of my head to tip of my toes, a fatique washes over me.  

No, I did not run a marathon.

Instead, around this time each year when the seasons transition, I am rendered captive to my allergic reactions – running nose, sneezing, itchy eyes. The whole works.

My body immune system goes into overdrive, busy beating myself up. I am exhausted by myself and no one else.  I suppose it could be funny to watch only if I have any sense of humor left.

Consequetnly, I thorw up the white flag and resort to better living through chemicals: allergy pills, nasal spray, and herbal teas are my salvations.

Wish me well.  Tomorrow will be another day.

Are you suffering from seasonal allergy?


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2 Responses to Gesundheit

  1. OmniRunner says:

    I don’t have allergies but I know this time of year is tough.
    I was in the yard today and thought I saw smoke.
    Actually I had brushed up against a bush and it let off a cloud of pollen!


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