Week In Review – 28 Mar 2021

With the March Madness and Covid-19 vaccination roll outs underway, one would think life in the US would soon returning to pre-pandemic.  In fact, Dr. Anthony Faucci when asked if we are turning the corner on Covid-19 replied, “We are at the corner.”  

Personally, I would caution against letting our guard down prematurely: 1) the supply of vaccines is still short of the demand, 2) the Coronavirus is still not under control both here and abroad (i.e. not for a while), and 3) the risky behaviors of ignoring physical distancing and not wearing mask are continuing through the Spring Break.  

Meanwhile, my seasonal allergy has got the best of me.  Although the symptoms are typical this time of the year, I am not giving up my running outdoor. Even that means I run with a mask on regardless if the Covid-19, tree pollen, or anybody else around. 

Similarly, I am standing firm against paperless billing option.  I fear that would make it way too easy for me to slip into an abyss of digital dark-hole.  Of course, what works for me may not be for others.  But one urgent question we need to figure out is what are we going to do with policing?

Stay safe and have a nice week.

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