Letting Go Of What Does Not Serve, Part 2

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Letting go is hard with things that we have grown attached to.

As a kid, I always had  a hard time saying goodbye, because I did not want to let go.  Years later, I realized that not everything is equal. Different things represent different values.  Some negatives.

One would surmise that when an object no longer serves, letting go should become easier.  But the truth is often the opposite.  Here are some examples:

  • Words that do not serve – ridicule, criticism, insult
  • Acts that do not serve – disrespect, lying, disappointing
  • Thoughts that do not serve – selfish, hateful, nagging

Instead of letting them go, we tend to hold on to them and allowing their effects fester long after.  The emotional baggage we carry.  In considering of letting go, useful to reflect on the great poet Rumi’s quote:

“Forget any sounds or any touch you knew that did not help you to dance.”

Ready to move on?

Part 1, here.

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