Old Man Winter Returns

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With the arrival of April tomorrow, the possibility of snow in Washington DC is over.  So I thought. Imagine my surprise reading the headline today about Old Man Winter returns. Sounds crazy? Or an April Fools’ joke?

According to AccuWeather.com – a wintry mix will hit the northeast tonight and bringing with it slashing “temperatures by 30-50 degrees Fahrenheit.” As much as I wish it is only an April Fools’ joke, the weather satellite technology is pretty spot on with near term forecast.

Yes, like a bad dream, Old man Winter returns.  And  I can’t recall if this has ever happened before – a return to mid- February weather while cherry blossom all around the places.

In any event, I am, bracing myself to the fact that I will be sheltering indoor for next a couple of days.  And if I have to shovel snow in April, so be it.  There is always a first. Right?

Isn’t March supposed “goes out like a lamb?”

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