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Am I Being Relevant?

  A common interview question “why should we hire you?” is the business way of asking what you can bring to the company.  Obviously the company has a need. What else would they be interviewing?  But to figure out their … Continue reading

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A Training Journal That Wasn’t

  I started this blog as a training journal for my marathon training.  Which is a 20 weeks program leading right up to the marathon race. Well, there was no marathon last year (2020) due to the Coronavirus.  Most of … Continue reading

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What’s With The Weather & Food Security

  If you’re in Washington DC today, a t-shirt and shorts are all you need. Yes, the temperature in the nation’s capital is hitting above 80 degree Fahrenheit today. In fact, it is warmer here in DC than in Hawaii.  … Continue reading

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The 2020 U.S. Census

  The first results of the 2020 U.S. census was released yesterday – showing the US population at 331 million and a general decline of the population growth.  These are the less  controversial figures.  It’s what remaining create the so … Continue reading

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What I Value?

  Why is it that I would fret over money wasted on buying a cheap gadget but not even flinch when wasting time idling or watching television?  After all, money can be made, over and over.  But time is irreplaceable … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 25 Apr 2021

It has been said that trust is the foundation of any relationship. President Biden, heading into his 100th day in the White House next week, has an approval rating of 53.8% and disapproval of 39.9% (as of Day 94). Which … Continue reading

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Flirting With Words

  Words have meaning. But them alone are meaningless. When the words tuck at our heartstrings, we feel a connection. When the words light a fire in our guts, we are inspired to act. When the words open our minds’ … Continue reading

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Be Well

  Be well my friend.  It’s mid April, and a Friday on top. Take a break from the news of police violence, racial injustice, or Coronavirus. Leave the noises at the door. And use the time to reset your souls, … Continue reading

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Trust Is Hard

  Trust is hard. What if I ask you to put your weapon down? Would you feel vulnerable complying with my request? What if I am a police officer? What would you do?   How could the situation be improved?

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What’s Love Got To Do With It?

  Bottom line upfront – what’s love got to do with it? The answer: Everything. Love is that heartfelt connection attracting us to other persons, objects, animals, ideas, or whatever.  It’s a deep seated emotional charge in our heart that … Continue reading

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