Week In Review – 4 Apr 2021

The longevity of the Coronavirus pandemic reveals many things.  But none more poignant than our human nature in against indomitable foes.  Insofar as winning does not always happen in 30 minutes, days, or even weeks,  easy to think whether the year 2021 will be another lost year?

Certainly possible if we allow it. But why should we?

While the current White House administration is doing everything to push shots into people’s arms, several external factors are in play. 

One, how we the public behave plays a major role in that equation. Surges from the spring break gatherings and the Covid-19 variants are telltale signs that people are letting their guards down. 

Two, the unusual cold weather does not help.  It keeps people indoor where Covid-19 transmission happens, particularly in areas where restrictions are lifted before evidence warrants it. 

Three, the pandemic means our approach has to be holistic and beyond our borders. According to United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, more than 130 countries haven’t even received their first doses. 

So, we need vaccination, testing, and continuing vigilance to beat this virus.  We can do this.  The speedy vaccine developments are  a prime example of what is possible when we put our mind and resource to it.  Don’t stand idle.

Keep safe and have a nice week.




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