Knowing My Limits

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“What would you like to be when you grow up?” is a perennial question I think about even after I retired 6 years ago.  Yes, the question is relevant because I am continuing to learn about myself, particularly after retirement.

A byproduct I have learned along the way is my limitations. Limitations like the things I tried, failed, didn’t like or didn’t care enough for them to keep pushing myself.  In other words, I am “good enough” to get by but not if my life depended on them.

For example, I do my own taxes, but I am not a CPA.  I cook, but I am not a chef.  And I run marathon, but I am not a sub-3 hour elite runner. I know my limitations and am okay with being just “good enough” in those areas. Nothing wrong there.

In fact, many of our daily life activities fall in a gray category of good enough.  No one can excel in everything.  Knowing and accepting our limitations is contentment.  Which frees us to  discover more of what we really want.

Are you relieved by knowing your limitations?

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