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I pride myself on being organized.  Particularly when I worked as a project manager with a multi-million dollar contract.  Here are my go to resources for getting things done.  But first a word about my work environment.

I worked with a team that covered the whole gamut of operations: design, production, business, legal, contract, and logistics.  Needless to say, each specialty had its own issues and challenges.  Which made the office felt like a zoo at times.  Being organized was a necessity and not an option.

To handle my workload, be it email, to-do list, or my time, I relied on:

  1. Stephen Covey’s 4 quadrant of time management.  An immensely helpful system in allocating my time and priorities, for both work and life. In short, it focuses on what is “important” and schedules my time around it.  I have carried it  into my retirement.
  2. Microsoft Outlook. This was my productivity tool in coordinating between correspondences, to-do’s, and scheduling meetings.  Microsoft had a seamless interface between the Outlook and its Office Suites.  Which made it by far the gold standard in the market.

Between these two tools, I was able to take care of what is important and ditch the rest.

What are your favorite organization tips?

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