Song Of Retirement

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Each day I live is a day closer to my death.  Sounds a bit morbid, I know, but it serves the purpose of awaking the self.  Because without death, life has no meaning.  And as a creature of habits, I get caught in the trap of making a living at times.

In the duration between birth and death, we search for life’s meaning.  In a way, life consists of big and small rocks.  Big ones shape our life.  Small ones sustain it.  In that context, career is a big rock while job is a small rock, and education a big rock while schooling a small one.

Now retired, I have achieved the coveted freedom that many dreamed of.  My time, space, physical (financial) and emotional (relational) assets are mine to choose.  The external pressures, as well as the small rocks, lighten accordingly.  No more commute to and from work.  No more mundane tasks only to satisfy others’ priorities.

Instead, for the last 6 years since retirement, I am afforded the luxury to explore my inner landscapes of my emotions, fears, and preferences.  Many of them captured as posts on this blog.  One of my favorites is Health & Well-being  sustained through running, yoga, and meditation.

I am grateful for the opportunity to build my cathedral while I still have the time.

What are your big rocks?

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