Dead-Time Zone

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Ever experience a zero productivity time period?  When nothing gets accomplished except the time marches on?  And afterwards you feel as if you woke up from a twilight zone?  It’s what I called a dead-time zone.

For me that is 2 pm.  My stomach still full from lunch, and blood circulations is  diverted from the brain to the stomach for digestion.  Whatever in front of me is a blur. No thinking, processing, or decision.  Zero, a big goose egg.

While I was working, this is the time for me to practice “management by walking around.”  I would visit people, follow up on previous conversations, or frequent the kitchen for another tea brewing.  Meeting would be the last place I wanted be caught in.

In retirement,  I try to avoid the dead-time zone by engaging in a more elaborate afternoon tea session.  Usually accompanied by assorted sweets and nuts.  And if at home, I have the option to roll out the mat, practice my yoga, and giving my mind a break.

Do you experience dead-time zone? If so, how do you deal with it?


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