Flirting With Words

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Words have meaning. But them alone are meaningless.

When the words tuck at our heartstrings, we feel a connection.

When the words light a fire in our guts, we are inspired to act.

When the words open our minds’ eye and give us a glimpse into a different world,

we are intrigued.

What will your words achieve? To motivate, to inspire, to inform, or something else?

Don’t let them be just words.

How do your words connect?

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2 Responses to Flirting With Words

  1. That’s such a great point you bring up, especially in an age where words seem to be everywhere. It’s great to think of them as having a purpose, and that would definitely help bring back the passion to the writing process. Thanks for sharing!


    • terryshen says:

      Hi Stuart, you hit the nail on the head. The social media is an avalanch of infomation. I supposed that serves the variety of the adudiences out there. It would be nice if they all “sing” to their readers. Thanks for your comments.


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