Week In Review – 25 Apr 2021

It has been said that trust is the foundation of any relationship. President Biden, heading into his 100th day in the White House next week, has an approval rating of 53.8% and disapproval of 39.9% (as of Day 94). Which puts him ahead of Donald Trump and Bill Clinton but behind Barack Obama, George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan at the same day mark.

Most notable is Biden’s handling of the Coronavirus pandemic (the poll showed 64% of Americans support the president’s response to the pandemic).  Clearly on the flip side, the lack of trust caused Trump’s re-election in 2020, and not his claim of a stolen election.  Words do not earn people’s trust.  Deeds do.

However, in a crowded social media space, getting control of the narratives is a political strategy that no one can underestimate.  Fake news and shock media may get the first eyeballs, but it is connection with the audience on an emotional level that wins the game.  The Biden administration and his predecessor Trump could not have been more of a contrast on this.

Fortunately for me, I am blessed to enjoy my retirement, or more precisely the freedom in my life now.  Whether weekdays or weekends, I try to carry my own weather each day, to minimize my dead-time zone, and to be well, even during the Pandemic.  But mainly, I am grateful for the opportunity to explore my big rocks.

Stay safe & have a nice week.

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