What’s With The Weather & Food Security

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If you’re in Washington DC today, a t-shirt and shorts are all you need. Yes, the temperature in the nation’s capital is hitting above 80 degree Fahrenheit today. In fact, it is warmer here in DC than in Hawaii.  The weird part of it all – it feels as if we have just leaped over the month of May and gone straight into June.

The irregular temperature fluctuations maybe an oddity at personal level.  But its relationship to climate change has a global impact on the agricultural productions and affects our food security.  From production, processing, to supply/ trade and food on our dinner tables, the food security is a “fundamental human need” as reported by the US Department of Agriculture.

Closer to home are the quantity, quality, and price of our food choices.  Akin to the rising of the gasoline price caused by shortages of fuel truck drivers or the disappearing of toilet paper on the store shelves triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, these impacts are real and present threats to our welfare.

The US is a net importer of fruits and vegetables.  It relies on Mexico, and countries in the Central and South America as our supply sources during winter months. While the solution is beyond any individual country, the impact of  the temperature/ climate change is universal. 

What are your thoughts on the climate change?

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3 Responses to What’s With The Weather & Food Security

  1. OmniRunner says:

    I hope that somehow things will all work out. But I am worried.
    Too much finger pointing and not enough doing on the world stage.
    We have started buying our meat from a local company. It is all raised in NY and New England. I can’t give up meat!
    When the military is worried about climate change and rising sea levels, that should be a clue that this is real.
    But people see massive grave yards in Brazil and people on ventilators in hospitals all over the world and still think COVID is a conspiracy.
    Immigration is being driven by climate change.
    I could go on.


    • terryshen says:

      Yup Andy, I know what you mean. It is a real problem for sure. Just curious that have you tried the meat substitutes like the BK meatless burger. Some of my friends swear they couldn‘t tell the difference.


      • OmniRunner says:

        I haven’t. My oldest is a vegetarian and I’ve had the Harvest Burger. It smells better than it tastes! I often have meatless breakfast. I guess that’s something.


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