A Training Journal That Wasn’t

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I started this blog as a training journal for my marathon training.  Which is a 20 weeks program leading right up to the marathon race.

Well, there was no marathon last year (2020) due to the Coronavirus.  Most of my blog was about coping with the pandemic.  I did keep myself healthy through maintenance runs here and there. But no intensity workout to speak of.

Fast forward to 2021.  The Coronavirus is still with us.  The US is coping by mass vaccination.  And about 97.1 million of Americans (30%) have been fully vaccinated thus far.  The number needed to achieve the herd immunity for Covid-19 is 50% to 67%.

This means four to six more months before the public immunity can be reached at the given rate.  Meanwhile in-person, as well as virtual, races are starting to come back.  Four to six month puts it right at the Fall marathon schedules.  There may be a chance I would be able to race again this year.

Would you sign up for race in 2021?


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1 Response to A Training Journal That Wasn’t

  1. earthskyair says:

    Woohoo! Go, Terry, go!


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