Am I Being Relevant?

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A common interview question “why should we hire you?” is the business way of asking what you can bring to the company.  Obviously the company has a need. What else would they be interviewing?  But to figure out their needs and answer the question appropriately is not always easy.

From the applicant’s perspective, the obvious answer is that “I need a job.” But that answer would miss the point and not land a job offer.  Better approach is to think about the potential relationship and ask how one can be of relevance in that particular situation.

Being relevant means connection.  How does one connect to the business – its  mission, culture, objectives, products or services?  Ultimately, what people are looking for is a good fit.  Employer to employee, and vice versa.  Therefore, a genuine emotional connection works the best.  In fact, stronger the connection the better.

In addition to the job interview, the same approach applies to other relational contexts as well. Whenever in doubt, ask yourself the question “am I being relevant?”  What you can offer to bring into the situation defines your relevancy.  And if the answer is “no,” it’s time to move on.

How are you being relevant in surviving the Covid-19 pandemic?

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