On Being Me

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What does it mean to be me? If you think that’s a silly question, I kinda agree on a  surface level. Because life is a journey started with a blank page on an open book.  As we go through it, our story unfolds.  Similarly, our identify gets shaped.  The process continues to the end, if you will, the last chapter.

So if the “me” is simply who I am at any given time, it may be worth one’s time to pause and ask “whom I am” really.  That is not always as easy a question to answer as it may sound.  I used to think I had my acts together, most of the time.  Any mistakes or missed opportunities are by exception and small percentage.

That’s not the “me” now-a-days.  In fact it is more the opposite.  I am lucky to have things going well for me. I am far from the Mr. Perfect of past years and appreciate the helps from those surrounding my life helping me making things happen.

Obviously my “book” is still open.  And what my last chapter will read is yet to be discovered.  But this much I do know: I am who I am because of the others.

How about you?

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Have You Got a Buddha Moment?

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