Between Our Two Ears

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What goes on between our two ears?  The answer is our thoughts – a question that is simple to answer.  But in actuality, the thoughts we hold in our heads are mysterious and complicated operations.

In this multi-dimensional space, ideas travel faster than the speed of light, emotions span across the universe between love and hate, but it can also be completely blank (as in I’m drawing a blank).  The possibilities are awestruck. We can put rover on Mars but can’t fully grasp this inner space of ours.

In a way, the mystery between our two ears is a blessing. What would the world look like if we got our minds all figured out? No more challenges to explore?  Artificial intelligence rules?  Clone whatever works and discard the rest?  I hope not.  Our minds will remain our last frontier, so I believe.

Besides, nobody wants to know all the nitty-gritty details that are inside of  my head.  Nor are they all necessarily good for publication.  Given that each of us has our own space between our two ears, wouldn’t it be too noisy if they are just open books?

What thoughts crossed your mind while reading this?

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