Week In Review – 9 May 2021

Today is Mother’s Day.  And it is not necessarily a happy occasion for everyone. So I will acknowledge the hard work of moms everywhere, particularly those whose lives have been upended this past year during the pandemic.  The challenges they had to deal with as well as the experiences they felt make them no equal. 

If there is any consolation, a simpler life is not necessarily a happy one.  Because life has this interesting ways of teaching us through its ups and downs.  It is up to us to sort out  the wisdom from the noises.  Not an easy process as it entails us wrestle with emotions like pain and lost, all inevitable parts of life.

Having said that, the past Wednesday was Cinco de Mayo.  With the population of Mexican-Americans at 36.1 million (or 11.3%) in the US, my hope is that this tradition will be celebrated beyond the typical commodification in the years to come.  

 Stay safe and have a nice week.

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