To Mask Or Not To Mask?

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It’s no secret that I don’t like wearing mask, particularly when I am running.

Mask restricts airflow and gets progressively worse during running when moistened by out breath. So when the Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced that vaccinated people can start getting back to normal (i.e not wearing mask), you would think I be jumping in joy and tossing my mask aside.

Not so fast.  

Yes. I am fully vaccinated and am happy to see the vaccination is working as intended. Finally after fourteen months of the Covid-19, we can see light at the end of tunnel. And it is not an oncoming train. Hallelujah! That is good.  Except we don’t know when the end  will be.   

You see, only 37.8% of Americans are fully vaccinated.  Which means majority of the country are not, including children, immunol-compromised, vaccine hesitant, anti-vaxxers, etc. etc.  No way to tell who is and who is not vaccinated in social settings.  Be it in grocery stores, on airplanes, or at work. 

Not to mention the longer the Coronavirus linger, the more chance for mutations or variants of the virus to happen.  No guaranty that the approved vaccinations will cover all the varieties either. 

For all these reasons, I am keeping my mask on.  The inconvenience dwarfs in comparison to the protections the mask will provide for me and others.

 What about you? Are you wearing mask or not?

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2 Responses to To Mask Or Not To Mask?

  1. OmniRunner says:

    In our state we are supposed to wear masks inside until the end of the month.
    Fortunately, in my state, 70% of adults have had at least one shot.
    I still plan to wear a mask in common areas at work and in stores for a few more months.
    I am looking forward to running, period. Without a mask will just make it a bit more enjoyable.


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