A Morning Surprise

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Never anticipated my morning run was going to become a morning walk. But that was what happened today.

Today’s temperature hit 90 degrees Fahrenheit. To avoid the heat (and sun), I ran early in the morning taking advantage of the cooler air. What I did not anticipate was a mysterious pain developed in my right calf that forced me into walking. 

The pain started when I was on the return leg of my out-and-back six miler.  I usually incorporate a couple of surges on the return part of the run. That was when I felt it – a sharp pain on the exterior edge of my right calf.  Up to point, my run had been perfectly normal.

The cause of the pain was mysterious.  Somehow it was connected to my toes, as the tearing pain came with every push off of my right foot.  But I could not tell if it was muscular or nerve.  Even when I tried to slow down, the pain would not go away.  Eventually, I had to walk the rest way home.  Very unusual for me.

Hope you’re staying healthy.

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2 Responses to A Morning Surprise

  1. earthskyair says:

    Oh no! Bummer! But being a good runner, you listened and slowed down. Heal well, heal fast!

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