On Improving Our Attention

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Our paradigm filters out lots of stuffs. All the time, whether we realize it or not. 

For instance, when the traffic light turns green we proceed without worrying about the color of car behind us, the  license plate number of the car in front of us, or the gender of the driver in the car next to us.  None of those inputs get passed through our mental filter.

Our paradigm decides what gets through and what to leave out.  It plays a pivotal role in what we focus our attention on.   And the few selected inputs that got through, out of the hundred and thousand of stimuli we receive, are golden.  Any wonder, the advertisers spent millions in getting our attention.

Consider the following to avoid fallen into mental rabbit holes: 1) critique our paradigms from time to time to ensure the world we think is really is, 2) be mindful as the stuffs that got filtered out could be important, and 3) be clear on what is important to you.  All three are good candidates for meditation practice.

What is important to you?

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